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"Goodbye Amy, River. Have a good time," the time lord said, shutting the TARDIS doors behind him. The two women were having a girls day out and the men were staying inside. Him and Rory rarely got to spend any quality time together, he figured this could be a good time to get to know the young man better. Once the doors were shut, he skipped back over to the console and set the TARDIS on standby, letting her rest and refuel there. "Rory? Where’d you get off to?" the Doctor asked, peering around the console to see if he was still in the room.

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    "Suppose you think that’s payback, don’t you?" the Doctor asked, splashing him back. He’d noticed him staring earlier...
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    "Well, I suppose that’s convenient," Rory shrugged, and wasn’t particularly too happy when the Doctor dived into the...